Foundation of Information Technology: Cover CBSE Syllabus of Year ( For Class X). S Jain. Paperback. · Information Technology A Textbook For . Cashback (4): Get 10% cashback up to Rs. using Visa Signature or Visa Infinite cards. Information Technology A Textbook For CBSE Class IX Code Class X. Search this site CALENDAR · CBSE CURRICULUM - SQP-INFORMATION (k) Book(IT Level-X)pdf.

Information Technology Book For Class 10 Cbse Code 402

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Name of the vocational subject under NSQF. Subject. CLASS (X). Code. ( 19). Dynamics Of Retailing. Information Technology. Security. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY CLASS 10 (CODE ) TEXTBOOK () by Vikas . as per the latest CBSE syllabus of the vocational course Information. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (/). CLASS -X. Duration: 1 Hour Subject Code / Information Technology Marking Scheme Page # . BOOK. First Flight. Informatics Practices. NCERT. |. CLASS. CBSE.

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A Textbook Of Information Technology For Class 10 (Subject Code - 402) Under NSQF

This one does not work properly any more. The phone ……… Can you answer it, please? Section B: Section C: Section D: Please send me details syllabus for it for class 9 and class Also its releated books in my id. If you got any sample paper or anything so please share. Please send me details syllabus for IT for class 9 and class Also its related books in my id.

Comdex Information Technology, Class 9th

Your email address will not be published. About Vision Website Inauguration Function. Secondary Hindi Sr. Secondary Punjab Sr. Related posts: It is also a very good platform for teachers who want to share their valuable knowledge. Sony Joy says: February 13, at Meenal says: February 21, at Mrs Garima GOel says: March 31, at March 31, at 2: Amaan says: March 4, at 3: Mohit Sompura says: August 8, at 4: August 20, at 6: Nizam says: September 2, at 5: Amrit Anand says: September 19, at 7: Komala says: September 27, at Shaikh naveed says: June 27, at 1: Kaushal says: October 12, at 2: Asha burveen says: November 29, at It is used to control and manage the overall computerised database.

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Hardware It is the physical aspect of computer, telecommunication and database, which consists of the secondary storage devices such as magnetic disks, optical discs etc. Users It is the person, who needs information from the database to carry out its primary business responsibilities.

The various types of users which can access the database system are as follows: Database Administrator DBA A person, who is responsible for managing or establishing policies for the maintenance and handling the overall database management system is called DBA. Application Programmers The people, who write application programs in programming languages to interact and manipulate the database are called application programmers.

End-user A person, who interacts with the database system to perform different operations on the database like inserting, deleting etc.

Question 2. Define database management system. Write two advantages of using database management system for school.

The primary goal of the DBMS is to provide an environment that is both convenient and efficient for user to retrieve and store information. The advantages of using DBMS for school are as follows: In school, DBMS is used to store the data about students, teachers and any other related thing at a centralised location.

It provides security to the personal information of the school, stored in it. Distinguish between a record and a field in a table, with an example. CBSE ,05 Answer: Distinguish between a record and a field in a table are as follows: Record Field It is a collection of data items, which represent a complete unit of information about a thing or a person. It is an area within the record reserved for a specific piece of data. A record refers to a row in the table. A field refers to a column in the table.

Record is also known as tuple. Field is also known as attribute. Write the steps to design a database.

Answer: Steps to Design a Database There are various steps to design a database which are as follows: Step 1 Determine the purpose of your database The first step of designing a database is to determine the purpose and mechanism to design and use it.

Step 2 Determine the tables Tables are one of the most important elements of a database, consist of rows and columns. To create a well-defined database, you have to keep some conditions which are as follows: A table should not contain duplicate information. Each table should contain information about one subject. One table is used to contain the personal information of the students and the other is used to contain the marks scored by the student.

Step 3 Determine the fields After creating a table, you need to decide the type and number of fields required for the tables in your database. A customer table may include company name, address, city, state and phone number fields. Step 4 Identify the primary key in a table From the fields of table, you need to identify a primary key which uniquely identifies each individual record of the table. The primary key helps you to reduce data duplication in the table.

Step 5 Determine the relationship between tables In this step, you need to determine relationship between two or more tables in your database.

You can set-up a relationship between tables on the basis of common field between them. Establishing a relationship allows you to fetch any information from both the tables.

Step 6 Refine the design After you have designed the tables, fields and relationships, its time to study the design and detect any faults that might remain. Step 7 Enter data and create other database objects When you are satisfied that the database structure meets the goals you needed, add all your existing data to the tables.

IT Curriculum (IX & X New Format)

Application Oriented Questions Question 1. Consider the following table Which of the above field can be selected as a primary key? EmpName field also has unique values for all the records. Can it be made primary key? Give answer with reason.

Answer: EmpNo can be selected as a primary key. EmpName is having unique values, but there is no guarantee that if more employees are included then there would not be multiple people with similar names.

So, in future its values may be duplicate. Thus, it cannot be made as a primary key. Sanchita is working for a nationalised bank and is in the process of creating a table to store the details of customers of the bank. Find out, which of the following fields of table Bank can be selected as primary key, candidate key and alternate key?

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Consider the following database Student The marks obtained by the student with RollNo. How many records are there in the table? How many fields are there in the table? Answer: Mohan Garg and scholarship awarded is The director of a company uses a database to store data about job title.They object to the use of animal fur in fashion.

As far as other subjects are concerned, the dates are as follows: i B: Sure. To create a well-defined database, you have to keep some conditions which are as follows: A table should not contain duplicate information.

Please send me details syllabus for it for class 9 and class View Order. Outline: This view displays the document as an outline and shows only the headings present in the document.

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