SISTER CARRIE, The Pennsylvania Edition THEODORE DREISER. Page v novel, Dreiser put Carrie Meeber on the afternoon train from Columbia City in. Project Gutenberg · 59, free ebooks · 7 by Theodore Dreiser. Sister Carrie: A Novel by Theodore Dreiser. No cover available. Download; Bibrec. The Project Gutenberg EBook of Sister Carrie, by Theodore Dreiser This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions.

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Sister Carrie, by Theodore Dreiser. Adobe PDF icon. Download this document as File size: MB What's this? light bulb idea Many people prefer to read. Pages·· MB·19 Downloads. The Project Gutenberg EBook of Sister Carrie, by Theodore Dreiser. This eBook is for When a girl Dreiser, Theodore. By. Theodore Dreiser. (5 Reviews). Sister Carrie by Theodore Dreiser for free download in a number of formats - including epub, pdf, azw, mobi and more.

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Sister Carrie by Theodore Dreiser with illustrations. It was published in so it is the first book recommended for the 20th century.

Hurstwood, unhappy with and distant from his social-climbing wife and children, instantly becomes infatuated with Carrie's youth and beauty, and before long they start an affair, communicating and meeting secretly in the expanding, anonymous city. One night, Drouet casually agrees to find an actress to play a key role in an amateur theatrical presentation of Augustin Daly 's melodrama Under the Gaslight for his local chapter of the Elks.

Upon returning home to Carrie, he encourages her to take the part of the heroine. Unknown to Drouet, Carrie long has harbored theatrical ambitions and has a natural aptitude for imitation and expressing pathos. The night of the production — which Hurstwood attends at Drouet's invitation — both men are moved to even greater displays of affection by Carrie's stunning performance. The next day, the affair is uncovered: Drouet discovers he has been cuckolded, Carrie learns that Hurstwood is married, and Hurstwood's wife Julia learns from acquaintances that Hurstwood has been out driving with another woman and deliberately excluded her from the Elks theatre night.

After a night of drinking, and despairing at his wife's financial demands and Carrie's rejection, Hurstwood stumbles upon a large amount of cash in the unlocked safe in Fitzgerald and Moy's offices. In a moment of poor judgment, he succumbs to the temptation to embezzle a large sum of money. Inventing a false pretext of Drouet's sudden illness, he lures Carrie onto a train and escapes with her to Canada.

Once they arrive in Montreal, Hurstwood's guilty conscience — and a private eye — induce him to return most of the stolen funds, but he realizes that he cannot return to Chicago.

Hurstwood mollifies Carrie by agreeing to marry her, and the couple move to New York City. Hurstwood downloads a minority interest in a saloon and, at first, is able to provide Carrie with a satisfactory — if not lavish — standard of living. The couple grow distant, however, as Hurstwood abandons any pretense of fine manners toward Carrie, and she realizes that Hurstwood no longer is the suave, powerful manager of his Chicago days. Carrie's dissatisfaction only increases when she meets Robert Ames, a bright young scholar from Indiana and her neighbor's cousin, who introduces her to the idea that great art, rather than showy materialism, is worthy of admiration.

After only a few years, the saloon's landlord sells the property and Hurstwood's business partner expresses his intent to terminate the partnership. Too arrogant to accept most of the job opportunities available to him, Hurstwood soon discovers that his savings are running out and urges Carrie to economize, which she finds humiliating and distasteful.

As Hurstwood lounges about, overwhelmed by apathy and foolishly gambling away most of his savings, Carrie turns to New York's theaters for employment and becomes a chorus girl. Once again, her aptitude for theatre serves her well, and, as the rapidly aging Hurstwood declines into obscurity, Carrie begins to rise from chorus girl to small speaking roles, and establishes a friendship with another chorus girl, Lola Osborne, who begins to urge Carrie to move in with her.

In a final attempt to prove himself useful, Hurstwood becomes a scab , driving a Brooklyn streetcar during a streetcar operator's strike. His ill-fated venture, which lasts only two days, prompts Carrie to leave him; in her farewell note, she encloses twenty dollars. Hurstwood ultimately joins the homeless of New York, taking odd jobs, falling ill with pneumonia, and finally becoming a beggar. Reduced to standing in line for bread and charity, he commits suicide in a flophouse.

Meanwhile, Carrie achieves stardom, but finds that money and fame do not satisfy her longings or bring her happiness and that nothing will. At the urging of his journalist friend Arthur Henry, Dreiser began writing his manuscript in He frequently gave up on it but Henry urged him to continue.

From the outset, his title was Sister Carrie , though he changed it to The Flesh and the Spirit while writing it; he restored the original name once complete. Dreiser had difficulty finding a publisher for Sister Carrie. The book was not advertised and only copies sold. Between and , all editions of the novel were of a second altered version.

Sister Carrie

Not until did Dreiser's unaltered version appear when the University of Pennsylvania Press issued a scholarly edition based upon the original manuscript held by the New York Public Library.

It is a reconstruction by a team of leading scholars to represent the novel before it was edited by hands other than Dreiser's.

In his Nobel Prize Lecture of , Sinclair Lewis said that "Dreiser's great first novel, Sister Carrie , which he dared to publish thirty long years ago and which I read twenty-five years ago, came to housebound and airless America like a great free Western wind, and to our stuffy domesticity gave us the first fresh air since Mark Twain and Whitman.

In , the Modern Library ranked Sister Carrie 33rd on its list of the best English-language novels of the 20th century.

Theodore Dreiser is considered one of America's greatest naturalists , significant because he wrote at the early stages of the naturalist movement. Sister Carrie was a movement away from the emphasis on morals of the Victorian era and focused more on realism and the base instincts of humans. Sister Carrie went against social and moral norms of the time, as Dreiser presented his characters without judging them.

Dreiser fought against censorship of Sister Carrie , brought about because Carrie engaged in affairs and other "illicit sexual relationships" without suffering any consequences. This flouted prevailing norms, that a character who practiced such sinful behavior must be punished in the course of the plot in order to be taught a lesson.

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Dreiser has often been critiqued for his writing style. In Arnold Bennett said, "Dreiser simply does not know how to write, never did know, never wanted to know. His plotlines were also decried as unimaginative, critics citing his lack of education and claiming that he lacked intellectualism. However, Alfred Kazin —while criticizing Dreiser's style—pointed out that Dreiser's novels had survived and remained influential works.

Sister Carrie, by Theodore Dreiser

Michael Lydon, in defense of Dreiser, claims that his patience and powers of observation created accurate depictions of the urban world and the desires and ambitions of the people of the time. Lydon said that Dreiser's intent was to focus on the message of Sister Carrie , not on its writing style. Theodore Dreiser's Sister Carrie was not widely accepted after it was published, although it was not completely withdrawn by its publishers, as some sources say it was.

Neither was it received with the harshness that Dreiser reported. For example, the Toledo Blade reported that the book "is a faithful portraiture of the conditions it represents, showing how the tangle of human life is knotted thread by thread" but that it was "too realistic, too somber to be altogether pleasing". Sister Carrie evoked different responses from the critics, and although the book did not sell well among the general public, it often received positive reviews.

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Reviews mentioned the novel's realistic depiction of the human condition. A review in The Academy said that Sister Carrie was "absolutely free from the slightest trace of sentimentality or pettiness, and dominated everywhere by a serious and strenuous desire for truth.

Negative response to the novel came largely from the book's sexual content, which made Sister Carrie , in the words of the Omaha Daily Bee in , "not a book to be put into the hands of every reader indiscriminately.

Several critics complained the title made the book sound as if the main character is a nun.

Sister Carrie

Other common complaints were about the length of the book and that it is so depressing that it is unpleasant to read. While some viewed his work as grammatically and syntactically inaccurate, others found his detailed storytelling intriguing. Mencken referred to Dreiser as "a man of large originality, of profound feeling, and of unshakable courage". In opposition, one critic, Karl F.

Zender, argued that Dreiser's stress on circumstance over character was "adequate neither to the artistic power nor to the culture implications of Sister Carrie". In fact, the novel and its modern ideas of morality helped to produce a movement in which the literary generation of its time was found "detaching itself from its predecessor".

David E. Sloan argued that Dreiser's novel undermined the general consensus that hard work and virtue bring success in life. Though Dreiser has been criticized for his writing style and lack of formal education, Sister Carrie remains an influential example of naturalism and realism. While it initially did not sell well fewer than copies and encountered censorship, it is now considered one of the great American urban novels, which explores the gritty details of human nature, as well as how the process of industrialization affected the American people.Below is the information that should be present in these notices.

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Bowker Company, Now with approximately 39, words restored in the Pennsylvania text, there is more of this than ever, and probably too much for anyone's taste, even Dreiser's, since he either made or accepted the revisions. Sister Carrie was a movement away from the emphasis on morals of the Victorian era and focused more on realism and the base instincts of humans.

Reduced to standing in line for bread and charity, he commits suicide in a flophouse.

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