Ponniyin Selvan: New Floods, Whirlwind (English Edition) eBook: Indra Neelameggham: bloccocverbnerbe.ml: site Store. Ponni’s Beloved is a labour of love - a translation of the Tamil classic Ponniyin Selvan. A legendary piece of literature, ‘Ponni’s Beloved’ is Part One of five parts of the English translation of Kalki Krishnamurthy’s Tamil Classic ‘Ponniyin Selvan.’. The Storm - Ponnis' Beloved. bloccocverbnerbe.ml: Ponniyin Selvan Book 1: Fresh Floods eBook: Kalki R done justice to this book by balancing native literary nuances with appropriate English.

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Soft copy of this English Translation and for the permission to release it as part. Of Project Madurai .. Now Read on to Ponniyin Selvan Part III – A Killing Sword. Kalki's. Ponniyin Selvan. Part 1-A. [Chapters 1 - 30]. New Floods. Translated By. Indra Neelameggham. Salt Lake City, Utah. With much thanks to. Yeah, it's available Ponniyin Selvan Part-1 -5 Set (English) - Kalki You can check in this link and also the English version of PS is available in Ponniyin Selvan ( Tamil fictitious historical Novel) Can anyone link the eBook?.

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Child of the Sun, Issue 4 of 7. Child of the Sun, Issue 3 of 7. Kalki Krishnamurthy. How to write a great review. The review must be at least 50 characters long.

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Tamilnadu text book Tamil books online. You can choose to read the books online or on your mobile or download in ePub or PDF format. Look for the following logos to help you find the suitable format of the books. Find the latest collection, bestselling, new arrivals of Tamil Books by popular writers. Hail to Tamil Nadu! Hail to Tamil People. Additional terms may apply for images and other media. The copyright for each ebook may vary and can be found within it. Read, write reviews and more I don't want to reveal secrets in the first part.

May be in next part we will discuss more about the storyline. The reason why it took me to finish the book was Tamil names. It was really difficult to keep track of similar names. Many times I rewind pages to confirm characters. Don't think twice just grab your copy and read it. Detailed Review Link - http: View all 8 comments.

What is your goal? Karthik Narayan I have been able to read this in English. This truly was a labour of love for this man.

This guy is an engineer with a day job, not a professional translator, and he undertook the task of translating this 2, page epic into English out of his sheer love for it.

It was an empire that had its start in the territory of what is today the state of Tamil Nadu in the south-east of India and lasted from CE to Its greatest reach was under Rajaraja Chozha and his son, Rajendra Chozha.

Kalki, the author of Ponniyin Selvan took known historical facts and wove this epic around them.

At its heart is a succession crisis and a conspiracy to overthrow the Chozha empire, but it also has twins separated at birth, substituted babies, femme fatales, doppelgangers, cyclones and massive flooding on the scale of Hurricane Harvey. It has valiant warriors and star-crossed lovers.

And all of it set against a backdrop of tropical India and exotic Hindu ceremonies. What more can you ask for? Now this is why I love the internet. Without the marvel of internet shopping and ebooks, I would never have been able to get my grubby hands on this work, published and distributed in India.

If you want to read it, and I would highly recommend it, the easiest way to get hold of it is in ebook format. I use Kobo not site and the links are here: Part 1 Ponniyin Selvan 5. Part 2 Ponniyin Selvan 5.

View 2 comments. Dec 29, Surya Nagarajan rated it it was amazing. When the elders in home told "we would read this all night. It's super good" I scoffed and said yeah sure. Fast forward ten years I found myself up till sunrise, reading up on the schemes of Nandhini and bravado of Vandhiyathevan. Yes, the tamil is difficult to being with, but it's definitely worth it. As someone who is homesick, reading about Tanjore, where one half of my family is from, with vivid descriptions about the culture and people was pure bliss.

View all 3 comments. When you start a classic, you are silently praying you are not disappointed. If it is the first part of 5 part series, then it becomes tougher since it may be more of context than content. Here is a book that checks all the boxes and managed to make me steal pages over coffee breaks!

Kalki's Ponniyin Selvan part 1 is a smooth and engaging read that almost inspired me to write this review in influenced tamil prose! Part 1 of this historical fiction introduces the characters and reveals strands of When you start a classic, you are silently praying you are not disappointed.

Part 1 of this historical fiction introduces the characters and reveals strands of the spider web of conspiracies against the throne of Chozha kingdom under Sundara Chozhan. Narrated through the story of Vandhiyathevan, a brave go-getter messenger of the crown prince, the dangers he face on his way to deliver the messages to the king and the princess and the breezy romance with the princess forms the first part. It also explores the tension between shivites and vaishnavites of the time and touches upon the history lessons of the battle for the deccan peninsula between Chera, Chozha, Pandava and Pallava dynasties The author has used nostalgic recollections of characters to talk about the past and give context to the characters.

Some of them seemed a bit out of place for the sake of introduction, but that can be excused as they are after all characters in this book which has past. The book has lived up to it's promise with this first installment and I'm told it only gets better! The original Ponniyin Selvan by Kalki Krishnamurthy is a legendary piece of literature, of course it was.

It inspired this translation and some more like it. I have seen the set of 5 volumes, huge books that have adorned the shelves of many bookworms I knew, especially those from the previous generation. The books were treasured possessively and guarded with care. They were often perused in parts, with people seeking their favorite quotes or lines or events from the book.

So from a bookworm's perspective, I knew it was a very important series of books. Though my mother herself was a huge fan of the series and this was discussed at length with me, the only detail I managed to scrape through was the rough meaning behind the title. The reference to the river Ponni and the meaning of the word Selvan together combining to make the title seem interesting and alluring.

But beyond that point, there was not much I knew about the actual story. It talked about the Chozha kings - that was an additional piece of info I had picked up from my dismayed mother's explanations. Despite being around this books since childhood, I have not read them. This was not due to lack of interest or enthusiasm, but due to the fact that I had grown used to reading English books and was not sure I had patience enough to touch the Tamil books.

The series required a time investment I was not sure I'd be able to give. This was probably why I jumped at the opportunity when an English translation of the book was offered for reading purposes. The fact that it was written by an author whose previous works I absolutely loved - was an added bonus.

The cover looked perfectly fitting, of a man's profile tastefully drawn as a warrior's pose. The illustration will stand in your mind when you know what character it refers to and which point on the story it is relevant in. The summary, of course, covered just enough to keep the reader engaged without trying to best the original. The first thing that struck me about Ponni's Beloved, once the initial thrill and magic subsided, was that, I would surely need to refer the glossary of odd words and phrases the author has provided.

And for this book, I felt very glad I was reading it in digital format which made the switch from and to the story and glossary easier with just a single click. Special praise to the team at IndiReads for this. The whole reading experience was made much better. I also thank the author dearly for translating these words and phrases patiently, and not resorting to changing them in the narrative or trudging on without explanation. Their combined efforts have made this a richer experience, and that attention to detail is the first thing I shall praise about the book.

It is not easy to translate a classic how many ever times one has read and loved it. Nor is it easy to do justice to the original.

The translator has to work with a knack that will make sure that the book does not confuse or disappoint the fans of the original and still manage to keep it entertaining to newer readers who have heard of it but not read it. Though I have not read the original, I still had to see the thought and dedication that has gone into the book and feel that, in some way, it was the best thing that could have happened to the casual young reader who wants to delve into classics but is afraid of losing interest midway.

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It takes special talent to narrate a well-known story in an engaging manner, and there, I feel, the author has done complete justice to the book.

The original Ponniyin Selvan was famous because it is an intriguing tale of politics, betrayal, love, conspiracies, passionate affairs and the actual events that moved and shook kingdoms. Ponni's Beloved captures all that beautifully, and hits the reader's imagination in the right spot. The characters are brought alive in front of the eyes by the descriptive narrative and the author has managed to successfully balance the description to be detailed enough without bordering on boring or long winded.

The events in the story unfold in quick succession, with many characters making their mark on the reader's minds immediately.

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The whole book is an enthralling mix of emotions in a huge jumble that makes it an unputdownable read in places. I am not elaborating on the story angle as it is already done by a legend. Instead, I focused on making this review about how effective the translation was.

I have heard say that in translation, the beauty of the original is lost because certain word plays cannot be brought into another language. Especially since I knew Tamil well, and could sense how the original could have been, reading it in English was a very enlightening experience. But I would say the author has completely allayed my apprehensions. This book was written exceedingly well, giving me its own supply of beautiful, memorable lines.

As with many IndiReads books, and from the previous books of the author I had read, the English was fluent without trying to sound like jargon, and it was a pleasure to read the Tamil words interspersed with the English narrative, effectively hearing how the original might have been. That being said, maybe it was easy for me because I knew both the languages.

I have read too many books that included slang and words from Hindi and other languages I couldn't really grasp to know how hard it would be if the words go over one's head. But since this is a translation of a Tamil epic, it has to use the words and nouns as is to maintain the story line.

The names and places cannot be changed, and the occasional reference to the exhaustive glossary would really help move things along. Strangely, even perusing the glossary in between did not ruin the reading experience for me. This book is one I will treasure very much.

The goal of a good translation is to bring the book to a language and open up the beauty of the original to new readers. It must also make the people those who can, of course eager to read the original.

Ponni's Beloved does both, and I thank the author very much for that! The way the originality was maintained in the words and descriptions The glossary was a lifesaver.

Yes I knew tamil.

But I needed it. The words, names and places are difficult to follow at times, but this was necessary to maintain the originality. The translation itself worked wonders but there were places where I personally felt it could have been even better. But these are few and far between The book takes some pages at first to get into the heart of the story so these parts must be read with an acquired interest. Whether or not you have read the original, the translation is a must read!

It kept me engaged enough to read at a stretch. More such classics should be translated. View 1 comment. Words fail when I try to think about this reading experience.

I started taking notes then stopped because there were just too many note worthy! Eager to start part 2. He is on a secret mission for the Crown Prince of the Chola Kingdom.Sumeetha Manikandan. Download Tamil Stories - Siru kathaigal apk 1. Get lost in one of these vibrant and memorable love stories. Rating details. Also, since this is the first volume of 5, most of it has been used in setting up the story, introducing characters.

Tamil historical novels are a genre of Tamil literature that began to appear in the midth century.

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