Victoria Scott is the author of eight novels including Titans, Fire & Flood, the Dante Walker trilogy, and Violet Grenade. She is cover image of The Collector . Get Instant Access to Collector (A Dante Walker Novel) By Victoria Scott #0c7e08 EBOOK EPUB. site PDF. Read Download Online Collector (A Dante. the collector dante walker 1 victoria Ebook the collector dante walker 1 victoria, Book the collector dante walker 1 victoria, PDF the.

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follett pdf guide id d26c4f99 new book finder the collector dante walker answers grade 5,the collector dante walker 1 by victoria scott,guidelines for using . Dante Walker is flippin' awesome, and he knows it. His good looks, killer charm, and stellar confidence has made him one of Hell's best — a soul collector., ISBN . Get Free Read & Download Files The Collector Dante Walker 1 Victoria Scott PDF. THE COLLECTOR DANTE WALKER 1 VICTORIA SCOTT. Download: The .

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It was all part of a big plan. Dante goes to Chicago to see his mum while the others fly home.

Dante decides to find a way for Charlie to get out of the contract. He blames himself. Dante finds Max knocked out outside his hotel room. The gold bands come from dargon. The devil stole a sheet of dargon from God before he fell, and made six gold bands out of it so his collectors could walk the Earth.

If she dies, then hell may gain the advantage. She kisses Blue.

Dante asks Valery to work with him on this, and Valery calls him crazy. Charlie and Dante go to the school dance. Charlie has asked for more beauty. Dante tells Charlie he works for the devil and shortly afterwards Charlie goes missing. It turns out that Max and Valery were engaged before they both died. Dante, Max, and Valery go looking for Charlie. Dante cuts off his gold band.

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It's not as bad as it sounds. I'm kinda like Santa Claus.

The Collector by Victoria Scott | Recaptains

We're both jolly guys with a passion for frosted cookies, the color red It was a step away from what we usually get in Parnormal YA. The Good My favorite thing about this story is the characters.

We usually get the story from the girl swooning over said boy but pretending like she isn't. It was refreshing hearing his side of things first hand. I liked that Dante isn't a hero. Charlie is the hero of the story, and it's near impossible not to like her. She's got this whole Mother Teresa thing going on with her goodness, light, optimism, and generosity. Yes, she's basically the opposite of egotistical, out-for-himself demon Dante that collects souls for his Boss Man downstairs.

In addition to the two main characters, all the side characters were a pleasure as well. They also didn't fit in the cookie cutter mold of sidekick best friends.

Blue ended up being my favorite out of Annabelle, Blue, and Max. There was a certain part that had me yelling, "You're my boy, Blue! Dante has a very large character growth journey just in The Collector. I'm looking forward to seeing what else is in store for his transition or other characters for that matter in future books. The Bad As far as the plot, it's an interesting concept, but there are holes. If you pick something apart because it's not logical, this one will have you scratching your head a bit.

You kinda just have to go with it to enjoy it. The Romance In the beginning, I'm wondering to myself how it is possible that Charlie will be the ultimate love interest for Dante.

He's constantly talking about how ugly she is and all the little flaws in her appearance, and I'm getting this image of a Quasimodo-like character from how much he goes on and on. Let's face it, you do have to be attracted to someone in order be in a relationship so I was thinking it was a lost cause.

Then, things happen. While I don't feel Dante made up for all his actions regarding Charlie, in fact I'm not certain he deserves her, he did transition enough that it was believable.

Conclusion The Collector was a cute story that was mainly character driven with an interesting concept. The characters, especially Dante, showed tremendous growth throughout the story.

There was a good humor through his thoughts and the dialogue and it had me laughing.

I thoroughly enjoyed that it was from his POV. The plot did have a few holes though, so if you are a stickler for logic, some parts may bother you a bit. One person found this helpful. I had a great time reading it. It could even be the side characters or the mythology created in the story. This just has a little something that makes it an enjoyable read. For the most part, especially in the beginning he is an ass.

He is selfish, egotistical, rude, vain, sarcastic and a bit shallow. His only concern in life or death, as the case may be, is beating everyone else at the soul collecting game. No problem he is the best so it will be a piece of cake. But Charlie is not what he was expecting and she might be getting to him more than he is getting to her.

Ooh, let me do it. How about Elizabeth Taylor? She was flashy and looked good in red. He's still working the ADD, snarky arrogance but I appreciated his more layered portrayal of the conflicted bad boy gone good persona here. I like that some attention given his trust issues with his new Boss Man was a logical progression to his history with his parents.

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His need to trust and be trusted was very apparent for me and quite touching. But I really felt the charm of his character was spread way too thin in all the moving parts of this busy storyline. He's just involved in everything: 1. Protecting Charlie 3. Unlocking the Mystery of the Scrolls with Oswald 4. Resolving his inner moral turmoil 5. Concerning himself with Anabelle, Kraven and Paine waltzing around each other 6. Worrying about Max and Valery's relationship issues 7. Devising a Strategy to defeat the sirens and the collectors trying to attack The Hive 8.

Finding the traitor among the what felt like sixty thousand people living in The Hive And so on.

Mind you, each item on that list branches out to some smaller detailed task that needs to be Dantefied. I felt a few chapters from Charlie's, Max's and even Kraven's perspective would've improved the narrative better, keeping Dante's juvenile thoughts from sounding stale.

Charlie inspects her palms, and I inspect her purple skirt. Nothing gets me going like a skirt. Or bacon. Or any sliver of skin on any part of Charlie's body. Jaysus, she's just so innocent. Makes me want to ravage her with my darkness, and I know just how disturbing that sounds.How about Elizabeth Taylor? The Good My favorite thing about this story is the characters. His good looks. Worrying about Max and Valery's relationship issues 7. Throughout the story, we see his good growing stronger and stronger through his interactions with Charlie.

Charlie is the hero of the story, and it's near impossible not to like her. Learn more. I'll never understand the friendships Charlie has. See all reviews.

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