Still other books in the series focus on interdisciplinary issues, such as the computer- the advances in the emerging and exciting field of health informatics . PDF | Health informatics is a relatively recent jargon term for a standard text books. 8 .. In addition to de ning study populations, informatics. Health Informatics. Where we are now, and where we may be going. Professor Michael Brady FRS FREng. Department of Engineering Science.

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Download your Free Health and Nursing Informatics Book from the Australasian College of Health Informatics!. Health informatics (also called health care informatics, healthcare informatics, medical informatics, nursing .. AI textbooks define the field as „the study and. Published by the University of Minnesota Institute for Health Informatics. Printed in the . for designing the book cover, and to Rachel Holscher and her team at bitstream/handle/// pdf (accessed. January

Access to images, audio, and animation The mammogram, like other clinical images, is available as hard Patient information copy or as an archived picture delivered to the desktop of any clinician authorised to view it. The image may be presented Patients need information to x Understand what is wrong with extra material to help explain the nature of the problem.

Some patients, however, x Help in self care prefer more detailed descriptions for example, pathological x Learn about available services and sources of help explanations of what is happening to their body. This x Provide reassurance and help information can be provided by clinicians on their computer x Help others understand screens, using digitised slide libraries, CD Roms, or material on x Legitimise their concerns and the need to seek websites.

Textbooks, journal articles, clinical guidelines, image libraries, and material designed for patient education are increasingly becoming available electronically.

Discussing individual electronic health records and relevant reference material with patients is preferable to discussing general information about their problem. If Ms Patel and her surgeon are discussing whether she may need a lumpectomy or a simple mastectomy, then the ability to view a relevant image and brief text making the comparison will probably be more effective than a comprehensive treatise on all the possible procedures.

In lumpectomy, the surgeon removes the In simple mastectomy, the surgeon breast cancer and some normal tissue removes the whole breast. Some lymph around it. Often, some of the lymph nodes under the arm may also be Risk prediction tools nodes under the arm are removed. During the discussion of a potentially serious problem like Comparison of lumpectomy and mastectomy—simple diagrams with brief breast cancer, the issue of prognosis will probably arise. Until text can be effective in consultations.

Adapted from http: In a few cases such as head injury or seriously ill patients in the intensive care unit accurate, well calibrated clinical prediction rules like the Glasgow coma scale are available. Problems with information retrieval during consultations Although much information is at hand, it is often difficult to find the most clinically relevant items. Studies measuring the use of information resources during consultations showed individual clinicians accessed the resources only a few times a month.

To encourage clinicians to make more use of these information resources, other approaches to information retrieval during the encounter are being studied. From the website www. Problems are solved by adapting new solutions to x Indexing vocabularies are designed by and for similar problems that have already been solved librarians and are inconsistent and non-intuitive x Automatic query construction—Information from an for clinicians electronic medical record is used to construct the query, x Search programs and their displays are designed partially or fully.

Approaches include interactive user selection for research and educational purposes, not for of terms, automatic recognition of MeSH index terms in the use at the point of care x No provision for system initiative; that is, text of medical records, and developing generic queries that can clinicians can only find what they choose to look be filled in with terms from the record for. A relevant document may exist in the clinical x Search by navigation—In this approach it is possible to trials resource, but if the doctor thinks that search for information by traversing links between information finding a clinical trial is unlikely, then that items rather than constructing a query.

Fixed links may be resource will not be searched organised in a hierarchical menu or as hypertext. Links may x Although many clinical situations occur often, it is also be created dynamically to reflect the changing needs of the difficult to reuse or share retrieval success x Managing and updating the information user.

Further reading Despite this, doctors who use computers during their consultations are viewed favourably by patients. A qualitative evaluation of computer support for recording and needed to investigate how additional electronic information interpreting family histories of breast and ovarian cancer in resources can be integrated into the consultation, given that a primary care RAGs using simulated cases. Interactive Health Communication Applications for people with chronic disease.

Cochrane Database Syst Rev ; 4: Randomised trial of personalised computer based information for It may be difficult, or impossible, to share understanding of all cancer patients. A cognitive in many clinical environments. Difficult, embarrassing, or perspective on medical expertise: Academic additional questions may occur to the patient after leaving the medicine ; Written material preprinted or produced during the Predicting outcome in ndividual patients after severe head injury.

How well do physicians use electronic chance for them or their carers to revisit the issues or extend a information retrieval systems? A framework for investigation and line of inquiry that was partially dealt with in the consultation. JAMA ; Just in time information for clinicians: Summary BMJ ; Computers in the consultation: Br J Gen Pract ; Ask the patients—they may want to know more than you think. A web-based system for over the conduct and conclusions of the encounter.

In individualised survival estimation in breast cancer. BMJ particular, bringing information to the point of care allows the ; At present sources of relevant, well prepared, evidence based material are insufficient. Systematic reviews and other assessments of health technology could be amended to include sections presenting information for patients on the choices of treatment that they have, with input from relevant patient groups.

Guidance from NICE the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence always includes a detailed information leaflet, but this can only be as evidence based as the available research allows.

Some patients will prefer to discuss their problems during consultations with a doctor they trust, but audiovisual aids can help that process during and after the consultation. A problem that renal impairment caused by childhood pyelonephritis. She consulted her importance to the doctor and the patient. Dr problems should be dealt with during the consultation. The consultation to augment their decision making processes. Potential solutions should be discussed with Ms Smith in a way that she can understand.

Most of the advice on checking for secondary causes of hypertension and end organ damage was familiar to Dr McKay, as was the recommendation on PRODIGY Prescribing RatiOnally with Decision Support to repeat the examination on several occasions before starting treatment. This goal may be difficult to achieve Assistive and smart because the amount of information needed varies between home technologies health professionals and clinical situations.

Having laboratory test results available "Transfer" Activities of Cardiotachometer monitoring daily living on the same day the tests are done can reduce delays in starting Incontinence Fall detector treatment.

An urgent phone call or email from the laboratory monitor Event Fall may be preferred for extremely abnormal results, like a serum monitoring prediction Blood Respiration pressure monitor potassium 6.

Dr McKay also says that Ms Smith should be referred to a renal physician, Dr Jones, and a community dietitian for further assessment. Ms Smith agrees, and Dr McKay telephones the hospital to discuss these matters during the consultation.

Dr McKay then uses an electronic referral form on the hospital outpatient booking website to provide the information required by colleagues at the local hospital. In some contexts, this final task can be done using an electronic booking programme.

Health maintenance organisations in the United States, which provide integrated primary and secondary care, book appointments electronically, and the ability to do this is a priority in the United Kingdom.

Booking appointments electronically in more complex referral settings is difficult. The problem is not a technical one—rather, political and workflow difficulties make transfer of meaningful data between different parts of a health service hard to achieve.

However, the article in question had loaded Reasons for using handheld computers at the point of care automatically into the Clinical Evidence folders of the file storage in the United States in on her Palmtop computer. When an interest is registered in clinical topics relevant to a practice, selected and relevant information can be sent to the practice by email, or High quality information portals for patients mobile phone text messages or downloads, at daily or weekly intervals, or less often.

Most doctors, whether in hospital or the x www. The information x www. Technological advances allow doctors to access data See also: J Med Internet Res CD Rom of their favourite book or by wireless connection to www.

Accessing information after the consultation Hospital referral Internet: At the end of the consultation Dr McKay emails Ms Smith the address of a good website containing information aimed at Knowledge Telephone patients so that she can access it from home, a public library, or of family Patient Ms Smith Practice electronic an internet cafe.

The availability of high quality resources for patient record comments patients mitigates potentially alarming messages on less Prodigy Hospital anxiety and scrupulous websites that may, for example, say that high blood Handheld General depression scale computer practitioner pressure is often caused by mercury poisoning from dental Practice Observed Email fillings. They may be sceptical about whether patients Hospital referral readings protocol take their advice on smoking and exercise, but doctors continue to tailor advice to patients because specific information does Hospital Internet: Bandolier, improve knowledge and reduces any conflict that might arise laboratory system BMJ, GP notebook during decision making.

Educating patients need not be limited by short consultation times. Alcohol, drug, and in the information age. People in industrial societies who are, or social problems 2. Smoker, poorly believe themselves to be, ill can turn to a variety of sources of controlled diabetic advice other than health professionals. In most cases these resources, personal knowledge, and advice from family and Most management of Professional Zone of complexity acute and chronic disease friends will be enough for people to resolve their health agreement in primary care problems.

In other cases, the information they obtain will be about insufficient or misleading. A primary care clinician is often outcomes needed to provide additional information, interpret it, and Service delivery - individualise advice for each of the problems brought to the 1.

Immunisations, cervical cytology 2. Evidence based approach to consultation by the patient. A few patients may seem reluctant chronic disease management to seek information or participate in decisions about treatment Plan and control options. They prefer being told what to do, but even these High patients usually appreciate a paper leaflet or website address that they can give to family or friends who are more enquiring.

Adapted from Hassey A. Complexity and the clinical encounter. In Sweeney K, anxiety and depression , managing ongoing problems Griffiths F eds.

Complexity and healthcare: Dr McKay had to decide on and undertake seven actions during this consultation. Design poisoning and implementation of a comprehensive outpatient Results x Starting treatment for hypertension with a thiazide Manager. J Biomed Inform ; Comparison of agreement between different measures of x Advising the patient on use of internet resources to obtain blood pressure in primary care and daytime ambulatory blood more information pressure.

The future of health care systems. Informatics tools are about patient care with evidence: BMJ generally less helpful in more complex situations, in which ; Continuing medical or no professional consensus on the value of the outcomes that education and continuing professional development: Research on the information needs of primary care clinicians is informing the development of information services. Educational research is starting to show how to meet those educational needs most effectively and in a manner congruent with professional revalidation.

Sometimes the relevant circumstance is another status asthmaticus. He is cyanosed with a poor respiratory health problem in the patient or their family, or it could be an effort issue affecting society at large, such as resource constraints. The immediate role of the team caring for Patrick Murphy see box opposite is to deal with his severe asthma.

Paper or electronic records, or Clinical effectiveness other information tools, may make it easier to record items of Cost effectiveness data that can be aggregated and analysed after the event.

The Clinical governance Outcomes audit data can improve efficiency when they are entered into clinical Improved outcomes records and made available to other members of the clinical team.

Wireless networks allow data to be transmitted to and from handheld computers, laptops, or desktop computers. An improved standard of record keeping probably means better data in the electronic patient record, which increases knowledge about the range of problems seen in clinical practice. This new knowledge informs decisions made at several levels, and contributes to better outcomes for Classification, coding, and nomenclature patients.

The computer processes and knowledge. Medical nomenclature attempts to standardise the analyses the data to add meaning. Free text notes are too names used for patient findings, diseases, interventions, and difficult for computers to process so that clinicians and outcomes policymakers can carry out analyses on them. This coding system will be used in the x Reminders and decision support x Communication of clinical data between healthcare workers—for NHS.

It is a detailed, coded classification of medical terms and example, discharge summaries, referrals, ordering, and requests concepts, and has more than terms and codes that are x Identifying and monitoring the health needs of a population organised into 11 linked, hierarchical modules. Doctors will not x Reducing bureaucracy while managing and funding care delivery see, and do not have to remember, all these codes. They use the x Enabling reporting of externally specified health statistics—for interface provided by their clinical system, which is intuitive and example, for infection control carries out all the necessary translation to and from English.

The variables to be x Education collected and their format may be agreed at different levels: The electronic records should also be shared appropriately among different organisational units using standard communications procedures, and they must be subject to security and Lateral view Medial view confidentiality protocols. Most clinical decision making is done there is any pain in malleolar zone and there is any pain in midfoot zone and faster than current computer technologies can manage.

Adapted made by various components of the history, examination, and from Stiell IG, et al. They have been developed to help Factors predicting a future risk of developing near-fatal or diagnose and manage patients with a wide range of diseases fatal asthma and in different settings. They reduce the uncertainty inherent x Socioeconomic deprivation in medical practice by defining how to use clinical findings to x Previous near fatal asthma—for example, previous ventilation or make predictions.

The Ottawa Health Research Institute keeps an asthma care, especially if in past year inventory of clinical prediction rules. In August it x Brittle asthma recorded prediction rules, of which were validated x Poor adherence to drug regimen using Cochrane methods.

Using data to stratify the risk of For patients and their families the experience of continuity is the recurrence may enable doctors to vary the level of follow-up perception that providers know what has happened before, that and to tailor treatment depending on the risk—for example, the different providers agree on a management plan, and that a provider who knows them will care for them in the future.

Continuity of care: When a patient sees the same doctor over time in a general practice surgery or outpatient clinic, it makes the consultation more Useful material on websites efficient for both parties. When personal continuity of care is not possible, www. A primer on leading the improvement of systems. On a later occasion for example, at the next x Gardner M.

Why clinical information standards matter. Clinical prediction rules: Prognostic models: Patients often forget quickly forgotten? Risk factors for asthma audio recording of consultations is an easy and cheap way for hospitalizations in a managed care organization: Am J Manag Care ;9: Does continuity in general practice really over.

Providing patients with a written leaflet or advice about matter? Ten commandments for effective clinical decision support: J Am Med Inform Assoc ; The initial costs of developing and implementing new information systems may be high, but the costs thereafter can be lower than the non-electronic source that is being replaced.

Lower costs and better outcomes mean that informatics tools are moving from an era of hype to one in which real benefits are seen. When patients ask their doctors if a preventable problem could have been avoided by earlier investigation or referral, the Ms Smith is a 58 year old florist with a 15 year history of doctors can be in an unenviable position. Given the information renal impairment caused by childhood pyelonephritis.

The matter is further complicated by issues of trust, professional ethics, and the law. This article discusses information flows that may have reduced the risk of Ms Smith see box opposite developing symptomatic renal impairment. The risk could have been reduced at three different points. Guidelines are available, but the research that underpins the advice was published too late for Ms Smith.

Were Ms Smith a young girl today, any primary care or emergency clinician who saw her would probably have access PRODIGY Prescribing RatiOnally with Decision Support guideline on to this evidence base as part of their clinical software, or investigation of urinary tract infection in children through access to guidelines on the internet.

Undergraduate education, postgraduate training, and continuing professional development are more traditional routes of knowledge transfer. Prompts and reminders at the point of care are History Undergraduate Interpretation memory useful adjuncts to an overworked human brain for certain tasks.

In the informatics Steps in the NHS process for non-urgent referral age, some of this expertise can be represented in protocols. If the protocols are followed, investigation in primary care may x During a consultation the general practitioner GP considers if referral is appropriate avoid referral or identify the nature of the problem quickly and clearly.

In some health systems, referring clinicians may be given x Decision is negotiated, to a greater or lesser extent, with patient shorter waiting lists if the referrals have been preceded by x Decision and relevant clinical information is communicated to appropriate first line investigation.

More complex referral of their team settings may have difficulty doing this. Community 2. Health system Resources and policies Organisation of health care 3. Self- 4. Delivery 5. Decision 6.

Clinical management system support information Arranging follow-up support design systems At the end of a hospital outpatient visit a decision is made about whether hospital, a GP, or shared care is most appropriate for the patient. In reality, neither are doing so. To avoid such errors, healthcare systems have developed ways of integrating multiple service providers Functional and clinical outcomes and proactive measures see chronic care model opposite. Overview of the chronic care model. Adapted from Wagner EH.

Effective Clin Pract ;1: Often, patients are If follow-up at hospital is needed then asked to book their next appointment as they leave the clinic. GP follow-up If the hospital team decide that the patient requires medical supervision, but no other hospital resources, the primary care team may be asked to resume sole responsibility for care.

This is the simplest option for hospitals because it only needs a discharge letter to be sent. Most practices in the United Kingdom and other industrialised countries have the technology and systems to support a call-recall system for screening.

Although this can be extended to support GP follow-up of chronic diseases, few practices are able to harness such systems to long term clinical care.

This will probably change in countries like the United Kingdom, where achieving targets is increasingly important. Shared care Although shared care seems the most complex of the three follow-up options, done properly, it may be the best for the patient. An integrated service takes responsibility for all patients with the problem it is set up to deal with.

Specialists ensure that healthcare services are configured to respond effectively to Sharing information across health systems.

Clinical data for example, data patients with problems, and to support clinicians working in the on prescribing or blood pressure in one part of the health system that have community. Good, but often asynchronous, communication between colleagues with complementary skills is vital.

In some systems, records may be seen by clinicians irrespective of where they are working. No matter consultation, written material about their problem, or what arrangement is made for follow-up by the health website addresses that provide further information. Data, often from patient records, are then collected to confirm whether standards are being met, or if there are any defects to treasure. Failure to hit the target for example, to offer annual blood pressure and renal function tests to Ms Smith , is an opportunity to improve the service.

Long-term antibiotics for preventing or at least do not refuse the secondary use of their personal recurrent urinary tract infection in children. Cochrane Database Syst Rev ;4: CD data. Clinical teams can concentrate on providing a service, and using the information that has been captured and processed x The diagnosis, treatment, and evaluation of the initial urinary tract infection in febrile infants and young children: Evidence used in consultations: Effects of computer-based Summary clinical decision support systems on physician performance and patient outcomes.

A systematic review. Chronic disease management: What will it take to care between different parts of a health service is not essentially improve care for chronic illness?

It is x NHS Confederation. General Medical Services contract largely about reconfiguring workflow. In , the Veterans negotiations: The Veterans Health valuable.

Linking individual electronic patient records from Administration: Am J Manag Care ; Therefore, a practice risks fossilising after doctors finish professional training. Many continuing medical education or continuing professional development activities help doctors carry on learning and improving their skills. These activities include courses, conferences, mailed educational materials, weekly grand rounds, journal clubs, and using internet sites.

In Patrick Murphy is a 6 year old boy who has recently many countries, evidence of this process is needed for doctors returned home from a hospital admission. The discharge to continue to practice. Although these activities may increase letter asks you to prescribe inhaled steroids and a phosphodiesterase 4 inhibitor knowledge, their impact on clinical practice is variable The aim of traditional medical education is to commit knowledge to memory and then use this knowledge in the workplace.

The way knowledge is learnt influences its recall and application to work.

One tactic to improve the process is to Workplace learning means finding solutions to clinical ensure that learning happens in the clinical workplace. Lessons problems when they arise, or soon after, with minimum are learnt faster and recalled more reliably when they originate effort.

When unsure about what has happened, why, or in everyday experience. Workplace learning is hard to achieve. It emphasises problem solving and learning skills—such as how to find relevant answers fast—not learning facts.

Barriers and solutions Nobody can find a satisfactory answer to every clinical question or information need, especially as there are about two needs for every three clinical encounters.

Many important clinical questions have no satisfactory answer—for example, what is the cause of motor neurone disease? Other questions are simply interesting rather than information needs.

A range of practical difficulties face doctors who follow the approach of learning in the workplace. Some suggestions about how to overcome the difficulties follow.

In the United Kingdom, the National electronic Library for Health aims to Too many questions, not enough time provide answers within 15 seconds that take only 15 seconds to read Doctors generate approximately 45 questions about patient care every week, and they probably allow two minutes to answer each one.

Time is always short. They often have to adjust the threshold for seeking answers, Prioritisation of clinical questions prioritising questions that have the highest clinical impact and 1 Answers needed now are quickest to answer.


When doctors have time, they can pursue all answers. If they never pursue other answers, they will miss many clinical advances. It is often hard to recognise when knowledge is lacking, and so it is important to sometimes pursue answers even when only slightly uncertain of the answer. They could also increase the time available for workplace learning.

Individually, doctors can work for longer Patient ID: Lack of clear questions Main Reference: Asking clear questions is not easy. Sometimes doctors feel uncertain and fail to formalise a question, which makes it Adapted from a page from the harder to find the answer.

When working alone, some clinicians Clinical bottom line: This source should provide answers that are clinically relevant, scientifically sound, and in a form that can influence decisions. One solution is a library in the workplace that contains current text and reference books, relevant reprints, and electronic resources. The library must be close and organised for rapid access.

The material should be filtered for clinical relevance and be evidence based, such as Clinical Evidence in book or CD-Rom format or an indexed collection of systematic reviews. These sources will not answer all questions. Ideally, doctors will then retrieve the full text of relevant articles because relying on the abstract alone can be misleading. Clinical evidence is a useful resource in workplace learning Thus, tempting though it may be to rely on abstracts alone—especially because they are now so accessible through PubMed—it can be dangerous.

For years, NHS poisons and drug information services have provided similar services that give instant answers to specialist questions. Some libraries, primary care trusts and academic departments have services that cover many topics. The service usually returns a telephone call or sends a summary within two to four hours. Despite their obvious potential, these services seem underused at present.

Parochialism If doctors only look up answers to questions arising in their own practice, their knowledge will depend on the local case mix. Most doctors broaden their knowledge by reading a general medical journal or looking up points raised in replies to referrals, inpatient summaries, clinic letters, or laboratory reports.

Medical Informatics Around The World

Some participate in multidisciplinary clinics or ward rounds, or join colleagues in an email discussion group. To be A PubMed search filters for clinical queries ready for rare, serious problems that need an instant response, some clinicians use patient simulators to practice managing cardiopulmonary arrest, anaesthetic accidents, or brittle diabetes.

Lack of incentives To maintain the enthusiasm to keep looking up answers to clinical questions, doctors can keep a log book of questions and answers, or conduct clinical audits that compare practice and outcomes with results a year ago. Sharing insights is an incentive to learn, and giving a presentation often prompts discussion, especially if it is short, and it defines and deals with a real clinical problem along with sources searched, the answers found, and actions taken.

This activity can be formalised as a single page, dated, critically appraised topic CAT , and stored in a loose leaf folder or a practice intranet for others. Continuing medical education x Communities of practice: Recertify the individual organisation and is part of its quality and risk management strategies.

Use and sources of medical knowledge. A licence to practice and revalidation. General Medical Council, answers to clinical questions than paper sources.

Continuing medical education and the changing. A German study found that clinical use of online physician as a learner: JAMA learning was about ten times that of print journals. Situated learning. Information mastery: J Contin Educ Health Prof ; This shift is x The resourceful patient website.

The e-consultation: Clinical governance, risk management, patient x Smith R. What clinical information do doctors need? It patient care with evidence: Accuracy of data in instant access resources needed to provide knowledge during abstracts of published research articles.

JAMA ; Treating nausea and vomiting needed to support better clinical use of these resources. It also discusses the legal issues surrounding data protection and freedom of information.

A huge volume of data flows across the desk of a director of You are a director of public health. The local paediatric public health see box opposite. An individual prescriber, or group, may have an erroneous belief or inadequate training. Critical incidents or other signals often indicate that more data such as data on prescribing steroids for paediatric asthma in primary care and outpatients are needed. Sources of data Health services are awash with data.

Earlier articles in the series described the large and increasing numbers of sources of data available to consumers, patients, clinicians, and administrators. Clinicians, teams, divisions, and other groups collect the data they need to carry out their work, and they may do so using coding and terms that others can understand and share.

One difficulty with secondary uses of clinical data is that, having obtained the data indicating a problem exists, the issue must be dealt with effectively. It may be that the individual or group who identify the problem have the knowledge, skills, and resources to resolve it. In other cases, such as these potentially avoidable asthma admissions, those responsible are not those who have uncovered the issue, and those potentially responsible may be unaware of the problem.

Clinical governance and the drive for quality improvement in the new NHS in England. This poses another difficulty with the secondary use of clinical data.

Studies have shown that interpretation of data is influenced by the method used to summarise the results. Once the decision has been taken to act on data, how best to present the information should be considered.

Crossing the quality chasm: The interventions chosen should be tailored to the underlying Washington, DC: National Academy Press, problem. At least two, and preferably three, of the more effective approaches see boxes on next page should be taken. Beliefs and evidence in changing clinical practice. The community health index number CHNo is a unique 10 digit number that includes the date of birth of individuals born, or moving to, Scotland so Record linkage that their encounters with the health service can be linked Deterministic or probabilistic methods can be used with similar success rates to link records.

In the former case, a unique patient identifier, such as a 10 digit community health index Genera number, is applied to all personal health data—for example, Laboratory practiti l data oner Dental laboratory test requests and prescriptions. In the latter case, algorithms determine the likelihood that two items of data belong to the same person.

The Soundex system converts a name to a code for example, Michael becomes M The first letter is the first letter of the word, and the numbers represent phonetic parts of latter syllables.

The algorithm determines that Hospital John Smyth and John Smythe is the same child with asthma if Pharmacy sufficient other characteristics date of birth, street name on the CHNo admission data and community prescriptions match. After linkage, each individual item of data may then be linked and anonymised for disease surveillance purposes. It aims to ensure that the processing obtaining, Principles of good practice in the Data Protection Act recording, holding, doing calculations on of information using data is done in accordance with the rights of individuals.

The Data are: Patients should be aware, at least in broad terms, of the purposes for which their personal data are used.

Other bodies, such as the General x Information transferred only when absolutely necessary Medical Council and the BMA, advise that explicit consent is x Only the minimum required still preferable in some cases, and examples include: Certain principles make it more likely that the feedback will be considered constructive by recipients, and changes that could improve care will probably be implemented.

Data collected for patient care may only be used to effective but may be perceived as punitive x Data feedback must persist to sustain improved performance produce research evidence with adequate safeguards for the patients.

Data feedback efforts in quality improvement: Qual Safety Health Care ; Some jurisdictions relax this standard if it is impossible, or extremely difficult, to obtain the consent. In other countries acceptable anonymisation and adherence to rules of good epidemiological practice allow the use of clinical data for research purposes.

Effectiveness and efficiency of guideline dissemination Summary and implementation strategies. Health Technol Assess ;8: Effectiveness and efficiency of guideline dissemination and implementation such as the data on asthma prescribing, will prefer to discuss the strategies: Evidence based downloading: The factors that caused the presenting problem are often understanding results of clinical trials and systematic reviews.

BMJ rooted in the culture of the health system, and so the solution ; The consequences of failing x Lowrence WW.

Errors today and errors tomorrow. N Engl J Med against the damage caused by incorrect interpretation of data ; This is the information patients and professionals use to find their way around the healthcare system.

The receptionist mentions that before you organise the assessment you need to book certain tests that vary according to which chest physician you refer Mrs Smith to. The receptionist does not know the names of local chest physicians nor their investigation preferences. You spend 15 minutes trying to call the chest clinic in the nearest hospital before discovering it moved six weeks ago to another site 15 miles 24 km away.

With permission from Martin Loach hospitals round here. Variations in stationery, laboratory and referral interests and waiting resources therapeutic services, and how those services are organised times at local hospitals department at local acute trust, including what type of bottle specimens should go in mean trust website, that most expert clinicians cannot work properly when they are Dr Foster moved from their base km in any direction.

In the past, call for advice handbook doctors could rely on informal networks built up over years, and Advice to patients For example, details of Primary care trust, there were fewer subspecialists to swell clinical teams. Also, the Inquiry about new List of local primary care Primary care trust number of staff in each health centre has increased.

The best evidence for taking a proactive approach to managing Channel Sender and Type and Comment communication comes from the field of mental health.

To understand what happens during communication conversation can be partial or later, tape record full whole encounter between different parts of a health system, reflect on the main Telephone Yes Usually none, but Can make notes elements of any communication.

It requires at least two parties conversation can be partial or during or after, or sender and receiver who share some similar understanding of full record in full for the world common ground. Communication also needs a permanent record message, which may be short and simple, or complex such as a for example, drug formulary , and a channel over which the message can NHSDirect travel.

Communication channels can vary in important ways. Voicemail No None or Can delete or save temporary for 28 days Some channels require the simultaneous attention of both Text No None or Can archive text parties for example, face to face conversations , other channels messages temporary, or can messages automatically provide a permanent record of the message for be full permanently example, faxes or emails.

In any communication, the person Email No Permanent Can forward to whom the message is for, and the nature of the message must others and attach be established. In some situations, such as the scenario in the pictures box on page 32, assembling and using reliable directory Instant Nearly, reply Permanent Can save chat to information is difficult. Clinicians rely heavily on printed lists and video handbooks.

This hard copy often needs to be corrected or Telemedicine No Permanent Similar to email annotated, and then photocopied because some staff cannot using store and forward access the original electronic copy. Another reason for there Telemedicine Yes Usually none, but Like a ward being problems with collecting and using directory information using video can be partial or round.

Record is that clinicians often rely on their fallible memories. Sometimes work related contact numbers are stored notes, or video in diaries or mobile phones, and either could be lost or stolen.

External agencies often manage directory information better than the NHS. Private healthcare organisations also manage information better than the NHS because they realise that there is a business need and that benefits will accrue if their clients have easy access to information on how to use their services.

Assembling, maintaining, and accessing directory information One of the reasons that any clinician could face a situation like the one described in the scenario is because the people and organisations in healthcare services change fast. In the future they will change even faster, making directory information NHS HealthSpace website allows patients to store information and will allow more important, but more difficult to assemble. It also needs to be accurate, up to date, and available Too many sources, no coherent Map and reduce the number of map sources nationally to support greater use of eHealth.

Perhaps the NHS should Local NHS regularly reorganised Include directory information outsource this activity and set up central service level management as a function in agreements with these organisations for less money than NHS every new organisation; anticipate and manage risks of disruption Trusts currently spend on paper directories.

Pressure from an Plurality of NHS service Encourage all service providers to external contracted organisation might persuade organisations provision—private sector, use and contribute to NHS that are funded by the state to provide the necessary data in a overseas, other providers directory information timely way, which has often defeated internal efforts to capture Disruption to work caused by use Encourage use of asynchronous these data in the past.

In future, pre-referral investigation of synchronous communication channels instead by providing protocols for each consultant might be readily available and channels email or voicemail details potential Mrs Smiths need not be so disappointed. Med J Aust ; Communication behaviours in a hospital computer is hidden from other on handheld computer setting: Assessing the evidence on case management. Br J Psychiatry ; Health choices. Health Expect ;7: Despite the futuristic sound of the scenario in the box below, all the technologies mentioned are available, and some, such as computer interviewing, have been used since the s.

Such a scenario raises questions about the nature of clinical practice and healthcare systems—for example, how much information and responsibility should be transferred to patients when technology allows it. This final article examines some of these issues, and ends the series where it started, with a It is and Mrs Smith has ongoing trouble with her reminder that health informatics is more about understanding high blood pressure.

One morning she wakes with a people and new models of care than it is about technology. Her bedside ambient health orb see www. Your using the internet or other electronic media to disseminate or telemetered blood pressure readings have been under provide access to health and lifestyle information or services.

This differs from telemedicine, in which there is a health Your implanted blood sugar sensor shows normal professional at one or both ends of the communication. Do you have some symptoms that you want Pressures towards the use of eHealth include: Remind me eHealth provides simple, easy access to health information, to book my repeat prescription for a refill in two weeks, support services, and goods.

It can lead to loss of the general please. How will eHealth develop? So, general x Better communication of patient information to and between primary care team, leading to fewer phone calls, appointments, and practice websites may soon cater for patients, carers, and others improved adherence to treatment by providing the facilities listed on page History GP in the requested time.

Trials Data? Web service: It would also let the patient could be represented and protected by their agents. Personal agents could interact on behalf of patients with electronic systems such as web services, know when data are accessed, and by whom. A clinical research agent could help patients who want to Community Shared communication space Physical NHS participate in research. Patient at Telecarer at Face to face home, at work work, at home encounters, Store and tests, forward Will clinicians become telecarers?

A telecarer is a health Knowledge resources professional who delivers responsive, high quality information, services and support to remote patients or clients using the most appropriate communication, such as telephone, email, or Information systems and flows needed to support the telecaring process instant messaging.

The advantages of telecaring include better continuity of care for patients and telecarers being able to work from home some days of the week. Telecaring also brings the Some health professionals are already adopting a telecaring role. They include NHSDirect nurses who need for training and new codes of practice. For example, what respond to six million calls annually , dermatologists and responsibility do telecarers have to respond to patient emails psychiatrists, and GPs who use telemedicine to answer promptly, and how do they hand this responsibility over when patient email they go off duty?

One health informatics organisation has developed a code of practice for medical use of the internet. Ultimately, eHealth could key health professionals as a foundation allow patients with a chronic disease to club together and set up x Member patients capture and record data on activity, diet, inhaler their own private healthcare organisation in exchange for data use, peak expiratory flow rate, night waking see box opposite.

The implications for the local primary care x The foundation negotiates service contracts for asthma care according to national clinical guidance with GPs, the NHS, and trust or chest physician need to be considered private health providers x The foundation receives income or free services from health Concerns about eHealth insurers, researchers, or industry in return for data x This raises the question: Can the patient give away, sell, or exchange their data for membership of an independent healthcare eHealth technology may not be safe or cost effective.

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It is not clearly understood how telephone triage services from the internet overwhelm the health system? When triage services go online, changes in demand for health care will follow, but how will emergency and routine services be affected?

But when people are in the supermarket, do Consumer choice and a plethora of commercial eHealth providers they want text messages warning them to avoid fatty food and lead to multiple, fragmented patient records and supplier-dominated cut down on alcohol? There is no single patient identifier or even disease coding Computers can make control of data easier because system. This results in a health system that cannot access much clinicians can give the encryption key to individual patients.

Poor or elderly people feel ever more disconnected from the or only make their data available to clinicians in the NHS for high tech National eHealth Service.

As a result, no National eHealth the duration of the consultation. To support quality Service provider can offer a patient centred service. This leads to eHealth and eHealth has implications for the education, training, and electronic patient records being rejected by the middle classes, with supervision of health professionals.

Muir Gray consultations.

New ethical and legal issues will arise The internet has always stood up for individuality, competition, and freedom. Surely a wider market for health services, information, and products should be welcomed? Healthcare Department how to regulate eHealth must be considered. People with services. The origin, content and workload of electronic They also make less use of the internet. If more healthcare mail consultations.

The telecarer: Interactive digital television is a promising way to reach Lissauer R, Kendall E eds. New practitioners in the future health these communities.

Relatively few books have been published on the subject, and they rapidly become obsolete. This book is the fruit of a collaborative effort between authors teaching medical informatics in France and others who are conducting research in this field.

In addition, an international perspective was pursued, as reflected in the inclusion of various developments and actions in both the USA and Europe.

This book is divided into 18 chapters, all of which include learning objectives, recommendations for further reading, exercises and bibliographic references. JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser. Public Health. Health Informatics Free Preview. Written by a team of more than 30 well known teachers and researchers working in the field of Health Informatics, many of them having international collaborations An up to date description of the fundamentals of Health informatics A description of applications for various health domains hospital physicians and GPs, Radiology, Surgery, dentistry Examples of applications issued from various countries see more benefits.

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Medical Informatics

download Hardcover. download Softcover. Rent the eBook. FAQ Policy. About this book Over the years, medical informatics has matured into a true scientific discipline. Show all.GIS software is used in A type of clinical decision tool: Some patients, however, x Help in self care prefer more detailed descriptions for example, pathological x Learn about available services and sources of help explanations of what is happening to their body. The Tasmania Government's Get Healthy Information and Coaching Service R provides free information and coaching support to Tasmanian adults who would like to learn healthier eating habits, be more active or achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

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Muir Gray consultations. In public health and medicine electronically, without person-to-person contact. Alcohol, drug, and in the information age. Around this same time a flurry of activity occurred. Parochialism If doctors only look up answers to questions arising in their own practice, their knowledge will depend on the local case mix.

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