Oriental Adventures (3e) - Oriental Adventures introduces the infinite worlds of fantastic Asia to the DUNGEONS& DRAGONS® game. In these. ORIENTAL ADVENTURES. JAMES WYATT. Based on the original DUNGEONS & DRAGONS® rules created by Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson, and the new. A new version of Oriental. Adventures-much more than a simple updating ofthe original to the new rules of DUNGEONS & DRAGONs - is now in your hands.

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system, even as it was being removed from the D&D game. Adventures campaign, it is recommended that you remove the monk character class from the . Oriental Adventures (abbreviated OA) is the title shared by two hardback rulebooks published for different versions of the Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) fantasy roleplaying game. Each version of Oriental Adventures provides rules for adapting its respective version of D&D .. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version. Oriental Adventures (Dungeons & Dragons Supplement)Hardcover. James Wyatt a site? Get your site here, or download a FREE site Reading App.

Oriental Adventures was the same but more-so. It was an entire alternate Players Handbook, complete with a full set of classes, races, and spells, plus new rules for families, honor, and martial arts.

It could entirely replace the classic Players Handbook for games set in Asian-influenced lands. This made Oriental Adventures an important part of what's now called the 1.

About the Orient. Despite being late to the party, Oriental Adventures did very well — probably out-selling the two earlier games in short order. Characters like the ninja and the samurai were well-known — and in fact The Dragon had published a samurai class in issue 3 October ; the shukenja, the wu jen and others were probably newer to most readers. About Skills. They were already a central part of many RPGs: GDW's Traveller introduced the idea, while Chaosium's RuneQuest moved them to the fantasy realm and turned them into something that could be improved.

By the early '80s, many other influential games such as The Fantasy Trip , and Rolemaster , also included skills. He made them an official but optional rule set — but almost all 2e groups used them. The 2e Connection. At a minimum, he intended to replace the classic monk class with its Oriental Adventures brethren. Gygax's plans for 2e never came about due to his being forced out of the company shortly afterward. Instead, it was Zeb Cook who wrote 2e, and ironically he left the Asian-influenced character classes out of the new game.

Despite that, the 1e Oriental Adventures sourcebook kept being referenced for years after the release of 2e — showing that edition lines weren't as hard and fast then as they are now. Expanding Greyhawk. His Asian-influenced lands were going to lie past the west coast of Oerik.

Since either Frank Mentzer or Len Lakofka was working on an eastern continent, this along with a southern continent would have completed the world of Greyhawk as a globe. This idea was still being touted in Dragon October , just before Oriental Adventures' publication, but it was abandoned shortly thereafter.

Expanding the Realms. However, Zeb Cook's massive Asian-influenced land ended up being a little too big for the Realms, so it was shrunk down for future iterations of the setting. Feel free to alter or discard any rules in here. After all it's your game, not mine, and you know what's best. The sections are: a listing of character classes and their abilities, a listing of proficiencies, a list of martial arts special maneuvers, sample martial arts styles, and a listing of oriental spells.

PC races are as listed in the OA hardback.

The experience tables in particular are unplaytested, and may allow characters to advance in power faster than their western counterparts. Again feel free to alter them, and mail me with any comments that you have. Hide: In natural Surroundings. Surprised only on a 1.

Back Protection: Negates Back-Attack and Backstab modifiers, and gives a free attack at the end of the round. Detect Magic: Requires 1r of concentration. Does not detect Illusions. Leadership: Level is added to Cha when dealing with barbarians of the same tribe or region. Healing: Heal at twice the normal rate. Gain no XP for finding magic items, but full XP for destroying them.

Barbarian Warrior Table 3: Barbarian Exp. Yes Family? Nimbleness: -1 AC per 5 levels.

Cheap Deals: Chance to find free or halfprice items. Roll of 95 or higher indicates discovery. Lasts for 1turn. Optional: If starting equipment is bought before the start of game play, the DM can allow the bushi to spend less money on equipment due to his ability to find it free or at half price.

Base AC of Dex. Immunity to fear.

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Double XP for defeating another Kensai in a duel. Still aware of surroundings. Breath Weapon. Practice: 2h per day. Missing hours must be made up at the rate of 2 extra hours per day before level advancement. Duels: 10th level and beyond, must win a duel to gain a level. Loss of Status: If the Kensai's honor ever falls below his family's, he becomes a Bushi of the same level.

He keeps old abilities but gains no new Kensai abilities. Cannot use weapon specialization, although style specialization is allowed. Cannot use magical Specialty Weapons. No Family?

All adjustments apply. Free Missile Deflection and Arrow Cutting special maneuvers. Armor class improves with level as shown.

If a Martial Arts style is used the best AC is used. Free Martial Arts style and 2 of its special maneuvers. Allows no effect from magic on a successful save only if one is allowed.

Failed attempt meets a closed mind. The Monk is oblivious to his surroundings in this state, and thus state duration before entering it. No Dex AC Bonuses.

Religion and Calligraphy Proficiencies must be taken at character creation. Cannot keep more money than necessary.

Oriental Adventures Anyone? 3D printed Penanggalan Vampire for my D&D campaign!

Can never own horses or property. Can only own 2 magical weapons and 3 other magic items. Can use only OA Monk magic items, magical rings, and magic items useable by Thieves. Monks generally do not leave old magic items for new ones, but will keep using old ones until they are unusable. Cannot have henchmen or hirelings until 6th level.

Oriental Adventures

Hirelings can only be hired on a one adventure basis. Disobedience to monastery superiors results in being barred temporarily from monastery.

Duels required to gain levels beyond 8th see OA. No advancement beyond 17th Level. As Other Class Family? Experience are divided between classes at the DM's discretion. Each hit die for the other class is halved, rounding up. Con bonuses are given normally to the other class. The distance shown is the maximum height that can be vaulted to.

If trying to land atop an obstacle, reduce the height by 1ft. If vaulting for distance rather than height, the maximum distance is equal to twice the length of the pole. Fall: If the Ninja is wearing no metal armor other than chainmail, is within reach of a vertical surface that can slow his fall, and falls the distance shown or less, he can take no damage.

For greater distances, full damage is suffered.

Assassinate: This skill should be handled as the DM sees fit. Concentration is broken if the Ninja is injured in any way while using this power. If not through the obstacle at the end of the round, the Ninja dies in it. The Ninja must retain his honor above his family's or be killed by the clan.

Any ninja without a family usually with his family close on his heels is a Nukenin, and requires twice the normal amount of experience to advance as a Ninja. The other class is unaffected. A Ninja can never reveal his true identity, not even to PCs. He can be known to be a Ninja by those he is working with, but will keep his true identity a secret. Priest Priest This class allows the use of specialty priests in OA. Any specification marked as "varies" must be specific to the specialty priesthood.

The writing of the book was to be shared between Heinsoo and Wyatt. However, things were quickly changing at Wizards in the early '00s.

Wyatt ended up the sole designer of the book, working on it from July to February with a trio of different editors. While he worked, he also revamped plans for the organization of the book. Originally, it was to be split — with half of it focused on generic Asian fantasy and half of it on Rokugan. However Wyatt decided that a split book would result in a lot of confusing redundancy, so he instead wrote a single book that incorporated Rokugan details throughout.

A Different Sort of Core Book. Oriental Adventuers surprisingly doesn't say "campaign setting" on the cover. In fact, it doesn't really define what it is anywhere. There's a good reason for that: it's a whole set of variant core books, all between two covers. Like the original Oriental Adventures, much of the focus is on an alternative player's handbook chapters , but there's also a lengthy monster manual chapter 9 , a short DM's guide chapter 10 , and a couple of sections on the setting of Rokugan chapters A Historic Collision.

All three sources are apparent throughout the new Oriental Adventures. The spells, for example, come from all three books. The five new races include three from the original Oriental Adventures — the Hengeyokai, the Korobokuru, and the Spirit Folk — and one from Rokugan — the Nezumi. The new classes are similarly scattered.

The samurai, sohei, and wu jen are all from the original Oriental Adventures, while the shaman is a renamed shukenja, also from Oriental Adventures.

However, the very similarly named skugenja is straight from Legends of the Five Rings. There also isn't much emphasis on duels, not is combat as deadly as it is in Legend of the Five Rings.Each hit die for the other class is halved, rounding up.

Oriental Adventure Origins. Surprised only on a 1. Religion and Calligraphy Proficiencies must be taken at character creation. About the Creators. I have also found these rules to be a useful source when one needs to find rules or info in a hurry. Can never own horses or property.

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