In fact, the field of Power Electronics and Industrial Electronics are so intimately related Author G.K. Mithal and Dr. Maneesha Gupta; ISBN: . Industrial and Power Electronics. by G.K. Mithal. Edition: 19th edition. Book condition: Brand New! Book Description. 19th edition. Softcover. Brand New!. Brand. Power Electronics. PHI. PHI. Industrial and power. Electronics. Khanna. bloccocverbnerbe.mlh. Gupta.

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Uploaded by: MAYE - Power Electronics P S bhimbhra 3. Industrial Electronics - G.K. Mithal - Khanna 4. Electronics Instrumentation in Medical Practice. Pre-requisites: Power Electronics, Electrical Machines – I and Electrical Machines–. II. G. K. Mithal and Maneesha Gupta, “Industrial and Power. Electronics”. Industrial & Power Electronics by Gk Mithal,Maneesha Gupta. our price , Save Rs. download Industrial & Power Electronics online, free home delivery.

Rao 37. Kapoor 38. Thyristor Engineering- M. Berde 39. Rao 40. Utilization of Electrical Power and Traction- G. Garg 41. Jain Laxmi Publications: 1. Hegde 2. Industrial Automation and Robotics- A. Gupta, S. Arora 3. Digital Fundamentals and Applications- Dr.

Chanda, Sumit Banerjee 6. Basic Digital Electronics- M. Subramanyam, Bhupesh Bhatia 7. Digital Signal Processing- Jigar H. Shah, J. Joshi 8. Digital Signal Processing- C. Ramesh Babu Durai 9. Khedkar, Dr. Dhole 11. Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering- R. Rajput 12. Illuminating Engineering- Kamalesh Roy 15. Intelligent Instrumentation for Engineers- J. Dixit, Amit Yadav 16.

Sudhakar 17. Microprocessor 8085, 8086- Abhishek Yadav 18.

Advanced Microprocessor and Microcontrollers- Prof. Venkata Ram 19. Microprocessor System- Saifullah Khalid, Dr. Neetu Agrawal 20. Modern Automation Systems- Muhammed Abdelati 21.

Network Analysis and Circuits- M. Arshad 24. Power Electronics- Sachin S. Sharma 25. Transducers for Instrumentation- M. Joshi 26.

Utilisation of Electrical Power- R. Rajput 27. Neuro Fuzzy Systems- V.

Lamba 28. Rajesh Mehra , Vikrant Vij S. Fundamental of Digital Electronics and Microprocessors- A. A Textbook of Digital Electronics- R. Sedha 3. Network Analysis and Synthesis- S. Bhattacharya, S.

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Chatterjee 5. Operational Amplifiers and Their Applications- Dr. Hydraulic and Pneumatic Controls- K. Shanmuga Sundaram 7.

Gupta 9. Gupta 10. Electronic Measurements And Instrumentation- R. Sedha 11.

Indulkar, Dr. Thiruvengadam 13. Khanna 14. Solid State Physics and Electronics- V. Babbar, R. Puri 15. Rajput 16. Modern Power Electronics- P.

Sen 17. Navani, Er. Sonal Sapra 19. Electric Circuit Analysis- H. Chandra Gupta 20. A Textbook of Applied Electronics- R. Sedha 21. Principles of Control System- S.

Eugene Xavier, J. Joseph Cyril Babu 24. Srivastava 27. Rao 28.

Anand 29. Neeta Awasthy 4. Unconventional Manufacturing Processes- Rahul Jain 7. Computer Aided Manufacturing- S. Vishal 9. Rajput 10. Das, L. Sreedhar 11. Gupta, Renu Gupta 17. Electrical Engineering Materials- Rakesh Dogra 19. Soni 20. Pandey 21. A Course in Electrical Technology- J. Gupta 23. Sensors And Instrumentation- O. Pandey 24. Optical Instrumentation- Satyajit Das 26.

Soni 27. Singh 28. Gupta, V. Singhal 29. Venkatesh 30. Baral 32. Anand 33.

Fundamentals of Biomedical Instrumentation- O. Pandey 35. Singhal 37. Control Systems Engineering- S. Panda, S. Padhy, S. Das 39. Industrial Instrumentation- Umesh Rathore 40. Microelectronics- Sanjay Sharma 41. Raina, S. Bhattacharya, T. Joneja 43. Raghavendra, L. Krishnamurthy 2. Mechatronics- A.

Smaili, F. Mrad 3. Robotics- Ashitava Ghosal 4. Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering- T. Nagsarkar, M. Sukhija 6. Foundations of Electrical Engineering- Leonard S.

Bobrow 7. Circuits and Networks- T. Sukhija 8. Linear Circuits- A. Ramakalyan 9. Linear Circuit Analysis- Raymond A. DeCarlo, Pen-min Lin 10. Power Electronics- V. Moorthi 11. Bell 12. Semiconductor Devices and Circuits- Aloke K. Dutta 13. Bell 14. Digital Electronics- G. Kharate 15. Signals and Systems- Tarun Kumar Rawat 16. Signals and Systems- Chi-tsong Chen 17. Microprocessors and Microcontrollers- N.

Senthil Kumar, M. Saravanan, S. Jeevananthan 19. Microprocessors and interfacing- - N. Jeevananthan, S. Shah 20. Instrument Transducers- H. Neubert 23. Turner, Martyn Hill 24. Stefani, Bahram Shahian, Clement J. Savant, Gene H. Hostetter 25. Automatic Control Systems- William A. Wolovich Other Important Books: 1. Jairath ANE 2. Mukhopadhyay ANE 4. Electrical Measuring Instruments and Measurements- S.

Bhargava BSP 5. Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic- C. Naga Bhaskar, G. Vijay kumar BSP 6. Microprocessor X86 Programming- K. Fundamentals of Computer Aided Manufacturing- G. Sawhney I. International 14. Robotics- K. Kamakshaiah, J. International 16. Analysis of Linear Control Systems- R.

Control Engineering- K. Control Systems- K. Process Control Engineering- P.

G k mithal

Digital Signal Processing- R. Kaler, M. Mukhopadhyay I. International 26. A Treatise on Instrumentation Engineering- K.

International 28. Linear Integrated Circuits and Applications- R. Venkataramani Indian Society for Technical Education 30. Medical Electronics- A. Singh, S. Bhat Indian Society for Technical Education 33. Nageswara Rao Jaico 38. Automatic Control Systems- George J. Ultrasonics- P. Mishra Macmillan India 41. Microprocessor Based System Design- S. Microprocessor, Microcomputer and their Applications- A.

Mukhopadhyay Narosa 48. Computer Control of Processes- M. Chidambaram Narosa 49. Introduction to Micromachining- V. Robotics: Control and Programming- J. Srinivas, R. Dukkipati, K. Ramji Narosa 53. Nonconventional Machining- P.

Practical Acoustic Emission- P. Kalyanasundaram, C. Mukhopadhyay S. Venkatraman Narosa 55. Practical Eddy Current Testing- B. Practical Radiography- Baldev Raj, B. Practical Ultrasonics- C. Jayakumar, M. Palanichamy, V. Rajendran Narosa 60. Digital Measurement Techniques- T. Fundamentals of Power Electronics- S. Microprocessors- P. Practical Digital Signal Processing- P. Kalyanasundaram, Baldev Raj, B. Control Systems and Mechatronics- J. Introduction to Microcontrollers and their Applications- T.

Industrial Electronics By G K Mithal - …

Neural Networks: Algorithms and Applications- M. Rao, J. Signal Processing: Principles and Implementation- S. Narasimhan, S. Unconventional Manufacturing Process - Singh, M. New Age International 73. Process Control- Krishnaswamy, K. Mechanical Measurements- Sirohi, R. Utilisation of Electric Power- Suryanarayana, N. Control Systems- Sinha, N. Thyristorised Power Controllers- Dubey, G. Microprocessor and its Applications- Theagarajan, R.

Nonlinear Process Control- Chidambaram, M. Thyristors:Theory and Applications- Sugandhi, R. Microcontroller and Embedded Systems- Agrawal, J. Jain Revised 22. Sharma 260. Foundry Engineering by T. Agarwal Revised 150. Foundry Engineering by N.

Srinivasan 75. Fundamentals of Gas Dynamics by Dr. Yadao 150. Fundamentals of Heat and Mass Transfer by G.

Roy 200. Jain 75. Heat and Mass Transfer by Dr. Sadhu Singh New 29. Hydraulic Machines by T. Banga and S. Sharma 175. Heat Transfer through Solved Problems by P. Chattopadhyay 185. Engines by P.

Ballaney 180. Machine Design by Dr. Abdul Mubeen Revised 350. Machine Design by G. Nagpal 265. Machine Design by R. Machine Design Databook by Dr. Singh 165. Machine Drawing by G.

Nagpal 150. Machine Tool Engineering by G. Nagpal 225. Adithan Revised 40. Manufacturing Processes and Automation by Dr.

Parmar 235. Manufacturing Processes and Technology by Dr. Kumar 275. Mechanical and Industrial Measurements 370.

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Jain 43. Mechanical Engineer s Hand book by Dr. Sadhu Singh 550.

Mechanical Engineering by H. Kapoor 80. Mechanical Engineering Handbook by T. Banga, T. Manghanani 320. Sharma 46. Mechanical Estimating and Costing by T.

Sharma 215. Sadhu Singh Revised 210. Mechanics of Solids by Dr.

Singh 180. Choudhary 160. Metal Forming Processes by G. Nagpal 195. Modern Refrigeration and Air Conditioning for Engineers 500. Desai 52. Numerical Control of Machine Tools by Dr. Koran and Benuri 55. Reference : 1. Power Electronics M. Singh, K.

Industrial electronics by mithal

Rashid Prentice Hall of India. Industrial and Power Electronics G. Mithal, Dr. Manisha Gupta Khanna Publishers. Industrial Electronics S. Biswas Dhanpat Rai and Sons.Singh 28. Gnanavadivel 6. Mechanical Measurement- Mahajan S. CBT on Control Systems 6. Patel 3.

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