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Al Doctor Guillermo de Reader's Digest January , Somos Primos went online as a free monthly e- magazine Writer's Digest will fly you and a guest to NYC, where you'll spend three days and Hector attacked health problems by giving free medical care and medicines to the indigent.

Times; Milwaukee Journal; the L. Times; the Readers Digest; television and movie The day she turned 9 on September 9th , she was given a bicycle and, excitedly made trips to the surrounding woods. But her health worsened again in October. The doctor did a new blood analysis and prescribed a different medicine. It meant a great effort for her, but in this way, slowly, her health improved again 6. Living more quietly, Janis became more thoughtful and reflective.

She spent now many moments reading and had a more stable and peaceful mood. She had always been concerned to please others, but now she was even more eager, and doing so made her happy. Grateful for the company she had received while in the hospital, she wanted to return the attention she had received. She also had the idea to prepare with them a special breakfast for their parents every Saturday morning.

In this way Janis passed the rest of the course and summer. September came quickly again and a new course began. She was already ten years of age.

She was determined to get good marks in math, her hardest subject. She succeeded. She got the highest score in language; her compositions had the same grace and vivacity as her speech.

There was something that really made her suffer: she was not as slim and agile as before. The strong medication she was taking had made her put on weight and her face had darkened. When she told her mother while wiping away the tears, she hugged her. Finally, she said, "Do you think it matters so much to God how you look, darling? It's what's inside of you —what you feel. She went home very happy and her father, while reading the newspaper, said, "What are you doing, young lady?

Guess what!

Ricky Lewis chased me all the way home from school! Let me tell you that everything you see here is sheer muscle! The pupil that sold the most boxes would receive a book as a prize.

Janis went to the houses in her street trying to sell many postcards in order to win the prize, but as those days she had to spend many hours in the clinic for treatment, she realized that everybody had downloadd the cards from the other pupils who went before her.

At first she became annoyed because her illness was a disadvantage, but then she came up with an idea to change the situation: she would bring the card boxes to the next visit to the clinic and would try to sell them there.

It worked out perfectly. Thanks to the staff, nurses and patients and all of the friends she had there, she sold so many cards that she won the prize by far. When Janis was hospitalized — as mentioned above - the nuns gave her a picture of St. Therese and explained things about her life.

She kept the picture. After a few days she had read the whole book. She liked it a lot and once she told Charmaine that she was her older sister here on earth, but now she also had an older sister in heaven: Therese of Lisieux.

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After she got the prize, she gratefully built a cardboard nativity scene with figurines in cotton and then took it to Children's Hospital Plant.

She said to the nurse at the counter: "Would you have room for them? In the middle of January she was hospitalized again. By increasing the dose of medicine she was taking, soon she could get better. When she was able to walk again, she started giving her help to the children on the plant.

One day, after having spent all night keeping company to Donna, a three-year-old girl who had been hit by a car, the nurses appointed her as an "official, unofficial nurse assistant" That time, she stayed in the hospital only a bit longer than a week.

These days you could see her sitting near the dining-room window, reading a book, knitting mittens for her little sister Sally, or simply looking over by the window, waiting to see their brothers and sisters coming down the road from school.

Sometimes she would ask her mother to stay a while keeping her company, and would beg her to tell things. She liked to listen, again and again, the story of how she and her father had met and about when they married. Afterwards, later, perhaps some friends of school would come to visit her.

She tried to be cheerful, entertaining them with her conversation; once, her mother had heard one of them, with tears from laughing so much, begging Janis to stop joking Those days, her backache was almost constant. In mid-March she was hospitalized once more.

ejercicios de habilidad mental.pdf

She was treated with radiation therapy to try to stop the disease from progressing. She was cheerful and never gave up, but one day in the evening, when her parents went to visit her, they found her asleep. The notebook had fallen to the ground and lay face down.

When they picked it up they read what she had written: "At this moment I am crying for my dear, dear, dear mother and father as I am homesick in this hospital. They suggested a plan: if he gave them permission to take Janis home, they would follow to the dot the instructions he gave them and they would take her to hospital as often as necessary He agreed. That doctor loved Janis very much; both had become good comrades.

On the way back from hospital, when the driver of the ambulance turned into the street where they lived, he made the siren blow until they arrived home and told Janis he had done it just to warn everybody she was back… Janis asked her parents to move the bed beside the window.

Charmaine and Rudy had painted a large welcome sign and had hung it on the headboard. Now Janis could barely read. She could still sit for a while and liked to look out the window. The pain almost didn't cease and Janis always kept in her hands the figurine of Child Jesus that the nuns of the school had given her.

The diseased cells had arrived to her head; she had tooth ache and she got dizzy. On May 4th she worsened and there was no alternative but to take her again to the hospital.

While they were waiting for the ambulance, her sister Charmaine read jokes for her. In this way she could forget the pain and Charmaine even made her laugh. The next day, when her mother went to the hospital, Janis was radiant.

She said as she turned up. I was administered the Extreme Unction"! It was very beautiful! First he said some prayers and then we both said the Confiteor together.

Afterwards he drew me a small cross with oil on my eyes, ears and lips, and on my hands and feet, and asked God to forgive all the my sins.

I feel so well! His father took paper and pencil and, as if he was a notary, with an official air, kept on noting fast everything she suggested: "The new bicycle for Charmaine, the watercolours for Roddy, the dolls for Karen, and the other toys for Timmy and Sally. The book of prayers and savings are for you daddy, and the jewellery box and toilet water for you, mommy.

She had some spasms that lasted a long time and they made her suffer very much. It was then that she held firmly in her hand the figurine of the Child Jesus.

But when she had good moments and felt better, her usual optimism came back and she thought that maybe she was already recovering her health completely. He was a boy who came to see her every day and they gave encouragement to one another. That note thrilled her.

If God had wanted to heal her, why was she getting worse?

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She wanted to know if God would to take her to Heaven or not It was not until the day after the napkin note that she found out. A young doctor and a nurse who was in practice entered the room. The young doctor stared at the nurse seriously, but what she had said could not be undone. As it took her by surprise, she took a little while to answer.

She had never lied to her and neither would she do it now. She said: "How would you feel, if you had leukemia? Would it frighten you? Janis shook her head. What is there to be afraid of? Instead of the one in which the saint looked sad, she had changed it to one in which the saint was smiling.

In the picture, Saint Therese was in Heaven, and a huge shower of roses was falling from her hands to the world.

My big sister has seen it! See those roses, a whole shower of them?

That is the sign. Now I know I will not be cured. Dear God is going to come for me" Now she talked about Heaven. Later, from the room was heard the music from a radio that someone was listening in the corridor. It sounded quite loud and a passing nurse came in to ask if they wanted to lower the volume. Her mother said yes, but Janis said no, shaking her head. With a muffled voice said, "I love it" and tried to keep the rhythm with her feet.

Then, with her usual affection, added: "if not for these damn sheets, so tight, I could still dance. When she entered the room, her mother said: "Oh, you look lovely! She was awake, but tired. She lost consciousness, woke up, fell back asleep At one moment she woke up and asked her parents if they could weigh her when she died. I want you to do it The nurse called Dr. English and soon they left the form ready. Once Janis knew this was done she rested quietly. She told her, "Janis, when Dear God comes for you, if you know it, make sure to tell us.

We want to say goodbye! They became exceedingly large and lustrous as if she were beholding some splendor. Her face broke in a radiant smile that was breath-taking in its beauty.When they picked it up they read what she had written: "At this moment I am crying for my dear, dear, dear mother and father as I am homesick in this hospital. But one day, suddenly and without knowing why, she felt very tired.

Those days, her backache was almost constant. The day she turned 9 on September 9th , she was given a bicycle and, excitedly made trips to the surrounding woods. With a muffled voice said, "I love it" and tried to keep the rhythm with her feet. Beek Rumbo a lo desconocido de Reader's Digest New York: Library of America.

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