My Fair Godmother Janette Rallison Walker & Company New York To everyone who still believes in the magic of reading. Audio1, Audio2 My Fair Godmother is a feel-good book that had me laughing A LOT. Janette Rallison has a special talent for bringing humor. cvbn - Get book My Fair Godmother (My Fair Godmother, #1) by Janette Rallison read and download online. Full supports all version of your device.

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download or read book online in pdf or epub. Read My Fair Godmother (My Fair Godmother, #1) Online. Read / Download now on My Fair Godmother. Janette Rallison. To everyone who still believes in the magic of reading. A special thanks to Emily Easton, my editor,. for helping me to make. Enter Chrysanthemum Everstar: Savannah's gum-chewing, cell phone-carrying, high heel-wearing Fair Godmother. Despite a few wish-granting mishaps.

Well I will be happy to say that the story within is even better than I could have possibly expected and where were books like this when I was a teen.

Savannah Delano is sweet sixteen, extremely pretty and watched by all the hot jocks. Unfortunately she is so wrapped up in herself that she doesn't re My Fair Godmother is the most delightful fairytale of the current century.

Unfortunately she is so wrapped up in herself that she doesn't really see what's happening around her until after the fact. I know she sounds like your normal teenage girl but this one is lucky enough to have a Fairy Godmother pay her a visit.

Oh wait a minute, I mean a Fair Godmother. Our story starts out with Savannah and her sister Jane both falling for the same guy. Said guy wants Savannah though and this breaks Jane's heart for she has longed for his attention for a much longer time.

As the months pass Jane and Hunter form a friendship that turns into a relationship and Savannah is totally oblivious until the entire situation is thrown in her face. Just weeks before the prom, prom dress in hand our pretty princess is dumped like yesterday's smelly socks. Savannah decides to withdraw to her room and is confronted by a pink haired, punk looking so full of myself Fair Godmother. Chrissy our Fair Godmother it seems has not passed her Fairy Godmother test and must do extra credit work to help out and you guess it, Savannah is the extra credit work.

For mortals, it is almost as tempting to hate beautiful girls as it is to love them, and Savannah had felt her share of both emotions from her peers. But she had only experienced love from her sister until that moment.

Often, it only takes a moment to change everything. We were just getting around to that. Hunter turned his attention back to Jane. Savannah and I are. He shrugged. You know. Neither one of them noticed Jane for a moment, which was for the best, as Jane looked like parts of her had been ripped up and flung into the wind. While Hunter smiled at Savannah, little pieces of Jane fluttered down to the parking lot.

She was able to put on a disinterested stare by the time they turned to her again. How cool is that? It was nice to meet you. An amateur might think that Jane had need of a fairy godmother at this point. Jane was too self-reliant for that.

Love kept her drifting around the ceiling, too far up even to notice the usual high school popularity drama that envelops most teenage girls. We will not dwell on her now. Happy people are rarely interesting. Jane buried herself in her schoolwork, silently mourning with differentials and integrals. Sometimes when the mood struck her, she would lash out with Shakespeare or grow haughty with Spanish verbs.

Occasionally she tortured herself by asking Savannah questions about Hunter. Very smart. He reminds me of you sometimes. Savannah went up and flirted with him. That was it? Her father had suggested it, after all. Since he was a lieutenant colonel in the marines, he jogged four miles a day. He said jogging could become a family affair. Jane, however, had insisted that it was irrational to run on a track. That was the problem with being smart. Sometimes you overlooked the obvious points— like the opportunity to flirt with jocks.

Besides, how could such a smart guy like Hunter have been captured by mere flirting? Did he not care that Savannah doodled her geometry proofs into abstract art instead of finding out the area of the angles? Four days after their meeting in the parking lot, Hunter noticed Jane in calculus. He walked into the room and, in an apparent visual aberration, his gaze wandered toward the back. His head jerked slightly in surprise and he walked over to her desk. Beauty school, huh? Hunter shrugged.

Now that they were on familiar terrain, a glint appeared in her eye.

Rallison Janette. My Fair Godmother

Well enough to explain it to you. She enjoyed the look of concentration that came over him as his eyes scanned the numbers. She liked to watch his lips as he said the word maxima.

Love makes even smart people act like idiots. For example, even though Jane knew Hunter was dating another girl— in this case, her sister—she began to believe he had feelings for her.

Hunter started picking up Savannah in the morning and inviting Jane to come along. He never seemed to mind that Savannah was late. And what were the chances that he was actually patient?

Rallison Janette. My Fair Godmother

But most important, Jane willed him to like her, and that had to have some impact on his feelings. Again she was walking with no thought that anything important was about to happen. This time she walked downstairs in worn gray sweats that doubled as pajamas. It was Friday night and Hunter and Savannah had gone to see a movie, which bothered her slightly.

So she walked into the family room and discovered that she was wrong. They were home. They were on the couch kissing.

She let out a gasp, and then blushed furiously when they both turned and looked at her. All the way back up the stairs she chastised herself for being so stupid. He was just a guy, who, it turned out—disappointingly— was also environmentally conscious and patient. He probably laughed too. He was probably thinking what a pitiful figure Jane made in her cheerless gray sweats. She retreated to her bedroom, sat on the edge of her bed, and studied every single one of them.

The next day Jane made an appointment with the optometrist for contacts. She also went shopping with Savannah, who was thrilled her sister wanted to update her appearance.

Savannah helped her with the zeal of someone administering life support. As they flipped through the racks at Forever 21, Savannah put together outfits and handed them to Jane. If Jane balked because something was too bright or too flashy, Savannah quickly brought her around again with a gentle reminder. Clothes say a lot about a person. Then she would shove the outfit at Jane and say, Now go try this on and show everyone how beautiful you really are.

She was trying to punish him. She wanted Hunter to notice her so she could ignore him. Savannah, who was almost as good a stylist as their mother, made the finishing touches and applied the hairspray. Now we look like twins again.

On Monday, Jane drove her own car to school. By the time calculus rolled around she was in good spirits. She had received a lot of approving gazes from the guys. Flirting would be a problem for her, she knew.

She could handle the first two tasks on this list. She just needed to come up with some generic compliments that would work on a variety of guys. Hunter walked into calculus, did a double take, and strode over to her. Savannah, what are you— He stopped as though pulled back by a leash.

She owned this silence, not the other way around. I was ready for a change. You have really great biceps , she thought, and I will never let you put your arms around me. While he ate with guys from the track team, she talked to football players in the hot-lunch line. This was not something she had to do well, just something she had to do.

Guys can smell desperation. But sharks are different. They smell the blood of desperation and circle in. Sharks do this by eating your heart, but they never mention this beforehand.

That is the thing about sharks. The sharks at the school began to take notice of Jane. Over the next few days one after another slid up to her, stopped by her locker to talk, measured her with hungry gazes.

Who are you hanging out with this weekend? My friend is throwing a party. All of them swishing about her, humming, Come swim with me in the deep water. But Hunter did.

He grew more upset every time he saw her wading farther away from the shore, every time he saw her smiling as the fins circled around. Finally Hunter and Jane had lunch together again. They had a test on Friday and Jane was not so reckless as to abandon her grades in the pursuit of revenge.

They studied as they ate, then went to the library to study some more. As they walked there, a sharp-toothed jock sauntered up beside her.

You never got back to me about the party on Friday. Are you going? They walked into the library, but instead of sitting down at a table he took her arm and pulled her behind the history section.

Why are you doing this? He held out one hand, waving it in front of her. More hand waving, as though he were trying to erase something in the air. She tilted her head at him in accusation. You never liked the old me. She swept her hand in front of her, presenting herself. You like this.

But he never did. Speak, that is. He reached out, took her arm, and moved in front of her to block the way.

She stopped and looked at the belt loops on his jeans, waiting for him to say something. She watched his chest move up and down with each breath. Some sort of emotion made the breaths come faster, but she was afraid to find out which emotion that was.

She stared at the bookshelves around her, at the books lined up in perfect, tidy rows. Her life had been like that once— perfect, tidy.

See a Problem?

Somewhere in her mind a row of books went flying. Pages flapped by like birds in flight. She kissed him back and felt them flutter away in a reckless scramble.

But of course both happened eventually. He stepped away from her and ran his fingers through his hair, watching her breathlessly. It was hard to think while he kissed her. Finally she gave up trying to sort it out and pushed him away. What do you mean? Do you think I want to betray my sister? She took a step away from him. What kind of person do you think I am?

He looked at her as though just realizing it himself. Jane shook her head. Savannah was, at that moment, ignoring her English assignment in favor of a prom dress catalog. She was wondering if Hunter could set up Jane with one of his friends.

That way they could double date. But back to Jane and Hunter. You already chose Savannah. They looked at each other silently, each one weighing the past against the future. Jane thought over this particularly difficult equation for the next week. The ride to school in the morning became an exercise in awkwardness. Lunch was better and worse. After they ate, they walked the rows of the library.

Biographies and poetry. General fiction and mysteries. At some point Hunter would take her hand and say, There is no way to do it gently. We just need to tell her. Jane would lean into him, stand close enough to hear his heartbeat, and want nothing more than to keep her arms around him.He wanted to talk to her.

An amateur might think that Jane had need of a fairy godmother at this point.

Her father had suggested it, after all. He reached out, took her arm, and moved in front of her to block the way. As they flipped through the racks at Forever 21, Savannah put together outfits and handed them to Jane. Her wishes bring the astonishing arrival of Chrissy, an aspiring fairy godmother. While Hunter smiled at Savannah, little pieces of Jane fluttered down to the parking lot.

Cassidy knows everything about Chad--everything, that is. My friend is throwing a party.

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